Bella Dilemma is here!

Well, here it is; it seems like an eternity since I first began work on a new project featuring the most popular character from Jetpack Jr./ Plastic Babyheads– but in … Continue reading Bella Dilemma is here!

Will Henry Part 1!

Will Henry, cartoonist behind the syndicated strip, “Wallace the Brave”stops by to celebrate his one-year anniversary in the newspapers and to talk comics, syndication and of course, ‘Peanuts” and Charles … Continue reading Will Henry Part 1!

Brad Perri ; Part 2!

Brad Perri, cartoonist of the hilarious GoComics comic strip, “Pirate Mike”, joins Geoff for a continuation of their epic discussion on all things comic strips past and present; Peanuts, Popeye, … Continue reading Brad Perri ; Part 2!