A “Peanuts” Tribute podcast.

Episode 6: Will Henry Part 1! Will Henry of the syndicated comic strip, “Wallace the Brave” drops by to talk “Wallace”, comics, syndication, and of course, “Peanuts”, Snoopy, Woodstock, seagulls and Schulz!

Blockhead_Will Henry Pt1

Episode 5: Brad Perri Interview; Part 2! Host Geoff Grogan and cartoonist Brad Perri of “Pirate Mike” ( at GoComics.com)continue their epic conversation about all things comics, Schulz, “Peanuts”, Popeye, Pirates and even Plastic Babyheads!

Blockhead Episode 05_Brad Perri Interview part 2

Episode 4: Brad Perri Interview , Part 1; Brad Perri, cartoonist behind the cult fave comic strip, “Pirate Mike” at GoComics.com, , visits “Blockhead” to talk Charles Schulz, Peanuts, Popeye, comic strips past and present and the life of a 17th century pirate living in 21st century suburbia! Join host Geoff Grogan for a lively, entertaining conversation with Brad Perri

blockhead episode 04_brad perri interview

Episode 3: Get in the Spirit of the Season! Between 2 “Charlie Brown “ Holiday Specials ( “The Importance of Casting” or “How I learned to Love “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”)

In the gallery below are the 4 strips from 1956 referred to in episode 3, and published with “Developing a Comic Strip” by Charles Schulz; 1959 for Art Instruction, Inc.


Episode 01: A Halloween Special! Musings on the “Great Pumpkin” and tricks or treats!

Episode 00: An Introduction. What’s this podcast all about?  Why should “Peanuts” fans listen? Hopefully, this little episode will answer your questions.