Comic Strips

“Spiking the Lens” ©Geoff Grogan. Spiking the Lens is about three young women in Los Angeles, trying to make their way in showbiz; and two La-la land veterans who’ve seen it all, done it all and wound up running a laundromat. Living large.

“Gladlee Yours” ©Geoff Grogan. I loved the characters of Marsha and Hank Gladlee from “Jetpack Jr.” So I gave them a strip to call their own .

“Jetpack Jr.”©Geoff Grogan  “Jetpack Jr.” was a follow-up to “Plastic Babyheads”  and ran on GoComics for several years.  It was a conscious move towards a character-driven strip and away from the broad satire of “Babyheads”. This is just a sample.

“Plastic Babyheads from Outer Space” ©Geoff Grogan . The title tells you everything you need to know! Ran on GoComics between 2013-2016. One of these days there will be a complete collection, regaling the adventures of “The Stooge Pies”, “The Blain of Jelly Wewis”, “The Church of Imbeciletology”, George Mucous, Stan Mee and “The Super-Manifestos” and last but not least, “Beefaroni” in their battle with Plastic Babyheads from Outer Space!

Plastic Babyheads From Outer Space

“Plastic Babyheads from Outer Space” by Geoff Grogan ©Geoff Grogan .