Jetpack’s Back!


What was it Michael Corleone said?  “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.”
Comics. They have this gravitational pull—and I’m a sucker for ’em. And specifically, the comic strip. There’s something about the daily comic strip, as outdated as its format may be in the digital world–there’s something about the structure, the one-two-three punch; the narrative limitations of working in short bursts-that I respond to. And, forgive my hubris, over the course of  five years, I think I’ve gotten good at it. Well–at least, pretty good.
And–freed from pressure, whether deadline pressure or the pressure of self-imposed aspirations, it can be fun–and it is fun. So this return to “Jetpack Jr.” is for fun–fun for me, and I hope, fun for you, my reader. My goal is to provide a moment’s entertainment, and maybe a little more than that. At the very least I hope to share my love of the comic strip–its form, its history, its tradition. I hope, when you read “Jetpack”, some of that comes across. 
For whatever good intentions are worth, my plan is to continue to relay the stories of the Gladlee household as they come to me, but at my own pace, and with a somewhat irregular schedule, to allow for the work I’m doing on the other projects I’ve told you about in my last few posts.  It’s likely the stories will come in bursts of a few weeks at a time–as far as I can tell, anyway. Then it may be a month again before you and I see them again.  I don’t get to their neighborhood every day; it’s clear on the other side of town– and I do have a job, and a wife, and dogs and cats, and groceries to buy.  
But I can’t stay away for too long, they are oddly compelling in their way, always good for a laugh, and I’ve grown fond of them.  Forgive me if I assume too much, but I think– maybe you have too. Just a bit. 
With that in mind, The Gladlees and I will see you soon at!

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