Bella Dilemma is here!

Well, here it is; it seems like an eternity since I first began work on a new project featuring the most popular character from Jetpack Jr./ Plastic Babyheads– but in the history of comic strip development, I suppose two years isn’t such a long time.

In the spring of 2017, unhappy with the strip I’d been doing at GoComics and with the encouragement of others in the field, I put Jetpack on indefinite hiatus and began developing a project around Bella ( the aforementioned most popular character); with the restriction that whatever it was it had to be something different from the animated TV pitch I’d put together in 2016. ( you can view my TV trailer in my portfolio, under “Animation”).

It had been established in JJ that Bella was an actress, and I’d used that as the basis for the sci-fi fantasy that was the animation; I thought it would be exciting to develop that a bit more, and play with some of my favorite subjects from the Plastic Babyheads Run, specifically–movies! Having been a film student way back when, I’ve never lost my love of movies or the process of making them, and consider myself a serious student of film yet today. And so there you have it, no great mystery, but I hope “Bella Dilemma” will be a lot of fun, for both the reader and myself.

For more info on the strip and it’s characters, check out the “Bella Dilemma” website, (–how’s that for imagination?) and if you haven’t as of yet, please follow @grogangeoff on Instagram, where I’ll be posting Bella Dilemma 2 or 3 times a week.

More to follow–Thanks for your support!


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