Along with several others of my colleagues at Adelphi University, I’ve been asked by my Dean to do a little presentation of my work–I guess because I’m a bit “under the radar”.  Rather than do a Powerpoint with questionable links to my websites,etc., I thought I’d gather together some things here at home for convenience.

For those who aren’t familiar, my work over the last 15 years has been in collage, comics and-most recently–animation. For those who want to see a fuller accounting-please see my FB page: 
 This isn’t everything I’ve done, but the things that stand out to me looking back.
So–without further ado, a career retrospective: 


Look Out! Monsters(2008)

More Comics:


 KORUMBU! pts.I & II (2011)
( Korumbu Confesses! & Korumbu Attacks!) 

Jetpack Jr. (2011-)

and Jetpack this week:

Bella Dilemma TV Show Trailer from Geoff Grogan on Vimeo.

 And-my current work-in-progress:  
Plastic Babyheads from Outer Space
PBHFOS8-1 from Geoff Grogan on Vimeo.