Friday Frankenstein: MoF no.1

Afraid I’m something of a traditionalist when it comes to Frankie–a Universal Studios’
Frankenstein-style traditionalist, that is. I’ve read the Shelley, of course–and seen the various versions, from the Branagh to the Hammer–but it’s the monster of Boris Karloff and James Whale that haunts my memory. So, back in ’72, while I was thrilled to have Marvel’s Monster of Frankenstein , I was also a little disappointed it wasn’t the image of Karloff on the cover of MoF no.1, that the scene wasn’t in a gothic castle and Frankie was gray, not green! (Where did that green come from, anyway? The movies were b & W! Ah, yes–the green came from the original movie posters!)
Well-Marvel had The Hulk, of course, and probably didn’t want to confuse readers with another green-skinned monster, –and there’d probably be some copyright issue with Universal if the monster on MoF no.1 was chartreuse–so, gray monster. Still, I would’ve made him purple–or something.
So–I tweaked Mike Ploog’s manic cover a bit–(isn’t it wonderfully manic? -the compressed space gives it a bit of that chaotic feeling of ’40’s Timely covers), moved the scene from the laboratory to the castle, and —colored the big guy green! (have I been doing that all along?–I think I have, upon reflection.)
So, for my last Frankenstein of February, here’s Mike Ploog’s Monster of Frankenstein no.1, with a little Karloff/Whale for good measure!

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