Randy Reynaldo


Randy Reynaldo, comics creator behind the long-running Indy comic book, “Rob Hanes Adventures” and “2018 Inkpot Award winner for Achievements in Comics” is here to talk about the success of his great, rollicking adventure series and what keeps him producing such inspired work after 30 years. We talk about the indy comics scene then and now, as well as Randy’s love of the great adventure strips like “Terry & the Pirates” and “Captain Easy”, which were the inspiration for ‘Rob Hanes”.

Randy Reynaldo and ‘Rob Hanes Adventures”:


on Facebook: Facebook.com/rhadventures

Instagram: @randywcg

twitter: @randywcgcomics


Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geoffgrogan/greenscreen-no2


Instagram: @greenscreencomic

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