Jetpack Returns!( sort of)



Jetpack Jr. returns to on Tuesday, November 13 2018!

But wait! Before the parties and parades get too out of hand….A caveat; I can’t say for how long or how often—in fact, what I think I can say is that strips will appear intermittently—just like this one, sort of out of the blue; although I don’t think it’s going to be a year and a half before the next strip is posted ( Actually, it should be this Thursday).

Basically, I’ve got a story to tell, some leftover threads I want to deal with —and a little more time to devote to it now that I’ve stepped down from the Chair’s position in the Art department I work for. It’s so hot off the presses I haven’t even built up any lead time, so either the strips will appear as I make them, or there may be a gap of a couple of weeks—while I do build up some space-before I put a group up. I may put a bunch up for a time and then it may be a month or two ( more?) , before the next strips appear. Who knows?I’m winging it—with no expectations except to have some fun, for myself and those who enjoy the work.

Hey, if you’re reading this, I thank you for your interest, and I hope you find the upcoming strips to your liking.

One Reply to “Jetpack Returns!( sort of)”

  1. I haven’t touched GoComics since the “upgrade”. I’ll have to go and look for Jetpack Jr again. Hopefully it’ll be better than it was when I quit reading it in disgust in 2015. If you would go back to Plastic Babyheads I would want to read that, though.


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