Rise and Shine


Hey! I’m public again, and I’ve got a Podcast! Check it out above, or better yet, search it out on iTunes ( search: Blockhead Peanuts Tribute)! I know not everyone is as crazy about “Peanuts” as I am (what ?!?), but I hope you’ll be entertained for 20 minutes, nonetheless.
And I’ve also got a new website! And under my own name for the first time; geoffgrogan.com! wow, will wonders never….

It’s been a helluva year, hasn’t it? Culturally, politically, every way you look,  these are not easy times. The ground is shifting beneath our feet, and the footing is unsure to say the least. Hard to move with the times when you can’t stand up.

A year or so ago( or was it two?). I stepped back from “Jetpack Jr.” and from everything else I was working on at the time. As I mentioned in my last post at my previous blog, I had a project and an opportunity. The opportunity didn’t work out( not the first time in my-ha- career, and if the past is any guide, not likely to be the last), but the project did—and you can get a look-see if you search out my “New Work”page, under the “Portfolio” header. Where and how(if?) it will debut, your guess is as good as mine. Conceived and begun before events of the last year, it may yet prove a casualty of inopportune timing and the winds of change, and perhaps rightly so. Or, lest I be so optimistic or have such faith in my abilities, perhaps it can sail these turbulent waters sensitive to the necessities of the times and the need for us old men to learn and adapt. I hope so. I will try.

Any time we do something like putting up a new website, we’re forced to rummage through  the detritus of our life, the boxes of old photos in the attic. In this case, looking over the accumulated stuff of my work, I realize there is much left undone. There are at least three recent projects herein that I think have unrealized potential and which I can’t wait to sink my teeth into once more. One of them is the “New Work” mentioned above, the other two I’ll leave unidentified, for fear of disappointing myself. But, as I’ve stepped down from the Chair’s position in the Art dept. I work in and returned to faculty, I’m hopeful I’ll have the time to devote myself to the task of completing them.

Life is change. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but there is no denying it. I realize I’ve been grappling with my own changes, age and career disappointments not the least among them. But when on occasion, I’ve found myself falling into the black hole of negativity, the promise and thrill of new endeavors eventually pulls me up and sets me right on my feet again. One foot in front of the other, that’s the way forward… even when you stand on shifting sands.





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