Kirby, GIFS, and stuff

Hey! Didja hear? There’s a blockbuster retrospective of the King of Comics coming your way late this summer!  That’s right–a big, big show of Jack Kirby’s greatest work, curated by my friend, colleague and preeminent Kirby-scholar Professor Charles Hatfield at the California State University at Northridge, August 24-October 10, 2015. 
Read all about it right here: Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby
I’m thrilled about the exhibition, can’t wait to see the catalog and excited to be designing a mural for the show to highlight the King’s graphic power . Jack Kirby is one of my greatest heroes, and to have the chance to honor him in this small way is the thrill of a lifetime for me. Do yourself a favor, make your way out to L.A. this fall and see the show. It’s bound to be a mind-blower!

That said–I’m still making GIFS of the strip that I’d like to share with you—hopefully they’ll draw a few new readers to ! Admittedly, I’m new at this–but it’s fun, and it seems to have attracted a few folks, here and there.  Here are a couple more for your viewing pleasure–and please be sure to check out my giphy channel to see them all:

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and now–the fun stuff: 


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