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Okay–so this blog is all things “Jetpack Jr.”–and will feature whatever little bits of backstage info on the comic strip that might be of interest,etc. (to whom, I don’t know! )–but I’m looking forward to writing about a few other interests–specifically comic strips, animation and ’60s ,’70s pop music. Nothing ground-breaking, nothing that’s gonna set the world on fire; just things an old guy( me) enjoys.  I’m a Beatles freak, a McCartney fan, love Power Pop and all kinds of sixties music–so my focus will be there, but I love classical music, jazz standards, be-bop, Philip Glass, experimental stuff too. Besides The Beatles, comics and animation are my passion–specifically, classic comic strips and classic animation, so when I come across something I love, I’ll share it. 
So this will be a meandering blog, hardly something serious. If you’re after something deep, serious, intellectual–this ain’t the place. I like to think about things,sure.  I love a good discussion among friends, but I don’t take myself that seriously and I’m way over trying to impress anyone with my smarts.  While that’s cool for some people, I’m not into that.  I’d rather be making stuff than trying to prove a point.

So here’s a little known Power Pop fact; back in November 2011, in my one and only foray into music journalism, I interviewed Power Pop legend Dwight Twilley for, on the occasion of his extraordinary  2011 album, “Soundtrack”. 
 Here’s the link:

Scroll down the home page and look for “Dwight Twilley; May 2012”.
I really enjoyed talking to Dwight; I’ve been a huge fan since his first record; “I’m on Fire” way back in ’74 or ’75–and I was really nervous speaking with him–but he was so great, so cool and willing to talk–that he made it easy. We had a nice conversation–and I’m proud of myself for actually having the chutzpah to talk to one of my heroes without throwing up. 

Hope you enjoy it–and if you do, order the album, directly from Dwight:

*here’s my review of “Soundtrack”:

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