plastic babyheads in your pumpkin

NEXT TUESDAY!  at!  Aha! Yes-after much ado about great fanfare for common men everywhere-the much anticipated-Plastic Baby Heads from Outer Space will finally land upon your browser’s shores! ImagineThrills!Spills! Chills! EVERY Tuesday and Thursday! Well-at least for as long as I can keep up with that, with UFOOLU and all the other shit I’m putting out there.”Plastic Ono Bands from Outerspace” will begin and befoolu  NEXT TUESDAY! at 
So— be prepared!
*(having a bit of trouble with wordpress missing scheduled posts–so if it’s not up in the A.M. you know why!)
I’m pretty excited about this–and I’ll tell you why.  (Hah! no one asked you why you idiot! hah-what do I care? I’m a college professor, I’m used to talking with nobody listening!) Cause it’s so much damn fun, that’s why! I know, I know–after “Monsters”and “fandancer”–what is this webcomic thing all about?  Well-it sure ain’t about the money! And it sure ain’t about the fame! C’mon! It is about the work—and looking at things from my middle aged vantage point–*ahemahem*—I can say that the work will lead you places, for what reason–well, you may not know right away. But if it’s happening–just follow it, don’t hold it back. –it may be leading you somewhere that is boffo! And worthwhile stuff will happen along the way-you betcha!
And “Plastic Baby Heads from Outer Space” is a helluva lotta fun. It really is. and when you start it, you think you know where it’s going–but LEMME TELL YOU–YOU DON”T! and the only way you’re going to find out where it’s going is to follow along! Yowza!
I’m psyched–hope you’re psyched–gotta get back to coloring a page! See you at for  a new“ Look Out! Monsters” page on Monday–and then,  Plastic Baby Heads from Outer Space–beginning NEXT TUESDAY!
The day after Halloween! Yaay! SOOOOO—pick your head up out of that plastic pumpkin and surf on over to!  & if you haven’t yet checked it out at then here’s the first installment for your Halloween pleasure-already up at the pbhfos page right now! Trick or Treat!

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