If you’re not reading "The Moon Prince"…

You say that now print is dead, and DC is driving the nail in the coffin–you’re diving into the whole wild and crazy world of webcomics head first, like some kind of -of–dope fiend!? Some kind of addict who needs a fix so bad you’re willing to betray anyone, your best friend–YOUR DOG?
Well-if you’re jonezin’ for a damn satisfying webcomics buzz-check it out- start reading “The Moon Prince” by my buddy, Kevin Mutch–and do it now!
“The Moon Prince” is pure, classic comics–and in another era it would have been a weekly page in the Sunday Funnies–revered today for its blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and good old fashioned adventure in the manner of “Treasure island”, “Kidnapped” “Huck Finn” and “Harry Potter”.
Everything about “Moon Prince” is top notch–from the terrific characters, Molly and Max, Mr. Billy, Cedric Murray and  Kitiko the chesire cat– to the seemingly effortless way Kevin drives his story forward week after week, leaving you wanting more with every page;  finally to the gorgeous art in the grand tradition of Hal Foster, Howard Pyle, the Fleischer Studios( think “Gulliver’s Travels”) Maxfield Parish and even Paul Chadwick–steeped in history but a style his own and that is completely contemporary.
“The Moon Prince” is the real deal–a classic for the webcomic era. Do yourself a favor–begin reading it today!


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