Young Romance

Romance is in the air! And in honor of Valentine’s day, I’m offering three covers from classic Romance Comics, yesterday’s valentine- Confessions of Love,  today’s Young Romance, and then tomorrow, Our Love Story .
Afraid there’s not much I can tell you about these covers. If I were to take a guess, I’d say this might be a John Romita( tomorrow’s definitely is), but there’s something about the face of the disappointed young lady in the foreground that suggests in might be Frank Giacoia.  I don’t have any idea who drew “Confessions of Love”-suffice to say that I like that one for its passion, but also for the fact that the woman is far from passive in that kiss.
I’ve included the b& w drawings. I color the originals directly in the sketchbook, so it’s nice to have a record of how they looked before I went to town with the prismacolors!


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