SPX , LoM news and simply shameless self-promotion!

Hey Monster Fan! Ever since Kevin Mutch of Blurred Books and I started
pissing people off with our new blog of comics criticism , Next Issue! this past summer, I’ve been remiss in posting here on the personal side. My apologies! I got so caught up in Next Issue! – my own interests have sort of taken a back seat. But I’m back–with some news and updates–so without further ado:

ITEM! I will be appearing at SPXstill the original, premier small press comics convention on the East Coast– Saturday, September 26 from 11AM to 7PM and Sunday, Sunday September 27 noon-6PM at The North Bethesda Marriott Convention Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

I’m excited because this year we’ve got a full table–and we’ll be displaying a lot of wonderful stuff–and more importantly–we’ll be running a big, big SALE on Look Out! Monsters– and all of our books! How big is big? How does this sound-“Look Out!Monsters”-$5.00! Nice Work$5.00! Buy all four issues of Dr. Speck“-$5.00! Posters$5.00!!!! So don’t walk — run for table-E11–It should be to the left as you walk in.

ITEM! I’m also hoping to draw some at the show-(If I’ve got enough maneuvering room) -and some of those drawings will feature the lead figure of my upcoming follow-up to “Look Out!Monsters” Hint: it ain’t a monster book!

the drawings are likely to be in the manner of some of the material for the book–charcoal and pastel–large(18″ x 24″) and between $25.- $50. a pop. If you’re looking for some original art-at an affordable price–look no further!

If you’re looking for some originals at an unaffordable price-I should have some collages and masks with me too-if I can get together this make-shift display unit this weekend. But I make no promises!

ITEM! I have short piece in Andrei Molotiu’s beautiful new book, ABSTRACT COMICS: the Anthology from Fantagraphics. This is the ground-breaking book that’s creating so much buzz–and for good reason-there’s a wealth of thought-provoking material between its covers.

ITEM! in addition to Abstract Comics, I also have a piece in the Silent Pictures exhibition organized around Art Spiegelman’s collection of wordless comics, at the James Gallery at the CUNY Grad Center, 365 fifth avenue, NY. Curated by Andrei and Linda Norden, the show is up until October 11th.

Whew! shameless self-promotion is exhausting! How has the Man done it all these years?

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