Look Out! Monsters News


In February of this year I received a University grant to help me publish a follow-up to Look Out! Monsters and by this time next year that book should be in available to the public. ( And that means MoCCA — if it remains a June show). I don’t want to say too much just yet–but I can tell you this: I’m a little guy, but I like a big sandbox to play in-so LoM #2 ( and that’s only the working title)will again be a large format collage-comic. It will involve newsprint and it will be tactile! It will be artsy-farty! It will be inscrutable. You will again pick it up and ask yourself-” what the f#*k?”
The other details I’ll keep close to the vest for now-except to say that certain movie monsters don’t seem to be lurking about it’s pages.
News will be delivered as it suits me! so check back!

2 Replies to “Look Out! Monsters News”

  1. thanks Javier- I appreciate your support!I'll be posting updates with a few images here and there over the next few months–but more importantly you' ll be first to know when the book is back from the printer!


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