Upcoming Projects

”The Complete Plastic Babyheads from Outer Space” collects every strip published on GoComics between 2013-2015, telling the complete story of the Plastic Babyheads invasion of Earth! Adventure and Absurdity abound as a host of wacky characters, some familiar but all strange, walk across the Babyheads’ stage. Meet “The Stooge sPies: Lemon, Meringue and Rhubarb; Bella “Beehive”Dilemma, The Blain of Jelly Wewis, Dr. Botox Browlift, Director George Mucus, Saint George ‘Carloon and The Church if Imbeciletology and much, much more! A Kickstarter in February 2023!

Also in 2023:

The history of the obscure comics publisher; told in comics and prose, including illustrations from their pulp beginnings, their first comics from the golden age to their last in the early 1970s, as well as material from their brief foray into TV animation in the late 1960s! A Kickstarter in Summer 2023!

The following video, done for last summer’s “ GreenScreen” Kickstarter, introduces the story of “HaveA-Banana Periodicals”