Hey there all you comics fans, art fans, art-comics fans–have I got a deal for you!
yep–you heard right–ONE DOLLAR COMICS!!!
and these aren’t just any old smelly comics–these are BIG, FRGIGGIN’ COMICS!
Not to mention, pain, sorrow, loss and love–and–yes, even a few YUCKS tossed in for good measure!

Here’s the details–
For 3 days–beginning at 12:01 AM on Monday, June 6th 2011–and ending at midnight, Wednesday, June 8th, 2011–you can purchase the following comics for ONE BUCK-A-ROO each (+ shipping and handling–hey, I’ll give the stuff away, but I can’t go broke doin’ it!):

POOD #1! (Jim Rugg, Sara Edward Corbett, Hans Rickheit, Joe Infurnari, Andres Vera Martinez and many more!)
POOD #2! (Same crazy cast of lunatics!)
FANDANCER by me, GG! 36 pages! Full color! Artsy type stuff-and deep profound thoughts about big breasted super-heroines, plus! a nasty, scary villain,  a few laffs and adventurous derring do!
LOOK OUT! Monsters! -the original, xeric winning big collage comic that got lotsa nice compliments from my friends and family!

How do you purchase these goodies?
Simply go to www.lookoutmonsters.com
–and click on the appropriate thumbnail to travel to the publication of your choice!

While the purchase prices will read as usual
($10. for fandancer, $5. for Look Out! Monsters!, etc.) –you will only be charged $1. for each of the above comics when you click the paypal button! & of course, via Paypal we(meaning “I”) accept all those credit cards and paypal  methods of payment!

This offer lasts for 3 days and 3 days only-first come, first serve, as long as supplies last-so if you’ve ever wanted to get a hold of POOD–or you’re crazy enough to want to check out  fandancer-
I’m dying to get these goodies outta my house and into your hands–soz I can fill up my house with all the NEW COMICS I wanna make!
And–I mean this sincerely– just cause I lovezya! AHCHACHACHACHA!