The Champ

It pisses me off when people diss Neal Adams.
PISSES ME OFF! Punks not worthy of sharpening the man’s pencils out there bad-mouthin’ the Champ. Not worthy of sharpening the man’s pencils!  I’d like to see ’em go half a round with Neal Adams-I’d like to see ’em dare to step in the ring with the dude! Step in the ring! (& I’m talkin’ about a ring in the same hemisphere, man!)
For all Neal Adams has done for comics, for comics fans and comics creators, for every great cover , for Green Lantern/Green Arrow, for Batman! & Talia & Ra’s al Ghul–for each and every book he ever worked on — I’d consider it an honor to sharpen this guy’s pencils! Better’n the friggin’ Nobel Prize, man!

It’s one thing to talk bad about the Champ, –but just imagine stepping in the ring with Muhammad Ali. Just Imagine! That’s big time dude! And Neal Adams–he’s the Ali of comics, “Da Heavyweight Champeen of da woild!” Or maybe he’s the Jimmy Page of comics, churning out one amazing riff after another all through the sixties and seventies.
Whatever–Neal Adams is in a league by himself, without peer. It took me three tries on this sucker to get something I wasn’t embarassed by. Three tries! He probably drew this while he was taking the first piss of the morning!  So–you got somethin’ bad to say about the man? Keep it to yourself, bub. Or step in the ring.

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